Kangaroo vs human boxing match cancelled

5th Feb 2013
Written by: Macca Sherifi

Kangaroo vs human boxing match cancelled

Animal activists file online petition to stop Rocky the boxing kangaroo from fighting

A planned boxing match between a kangaroo and a human at Oxford, Mississippi, has been cancelled due to complaints by animal activists.

Oxford Police Chief Joey East said the marsupial, also known as Rocky, won’t be putting on the boxing gloves when he visits with the Star Family Circus on February 13.

He said: “We have spoken with the owners and managers (of the circus) and there will be no kangaroo and boxing match of any kind.”

Animal rights activists in the US and Australia were outraged after it was reported the circus was planning to once again force a captive marsupial into the ring.

The activists started an online petition to stop the bout on the website Change.org. The petition referred to YouTube footage of Rocky, in boxing gloves and shorts, being forced to box a clown at a previous circus.

“The kangaroo is repeatedly punched in the face by a human,” the petition said. “This is blatant animal cruelty, cruelty is NOT entertainment, and we will not allow it in our community.”

“Boxing matches are extremely stressful for kangaroos… They must be harassed and bullied into defending themselves (in) boxing matches.”

Two other kangaroos that were forced to box for circus entertainment died of complications while on tour, the petition stated.

It’s not the first time Rocky’s big match has been called out, with the scrappy animal already throwing punches in Natchez last month at the National Guard Armory. Online petitions also have tried to cancel the marsupial’s ring brawl in Indiana, an event sponsored by the state’s national guard.

What do you think of a kangaroo vs a human boxing match? Post your comments below.

Photo contributed to Jeff Rayner


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