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Limits put in place at Angkor Wat to stop tourists ruining sunsets

16th Mar 2017
Written by: Dave Owen


It sits high on many a backpacker’s bucket list, but sunset-watching at Cambodia’s Angkor Wat temple complex could now prove more difficult, as limits on visitor numbers have been put in place.

The step has been taken as the huge number of tourists – sometimes over 1000 – showing up for the spectacle threatened to ruin it all together.

The most popular spot to watch the sun set over the ancient Khmer ruins is the hill at Phnom Bakheng. As well as the tranquillity of the moment being ruined by the presence of so many people, the management team had become concerned about damage to the temple there.

Sunset at Angkor crowds

It will still be possible to watch the sunset from the top of Phnom Bakheng – a maximum of 300 visitors will be allowed to the top at any one time. There will also be places to see the sunset on the hill without actually going to the top.

The measure should benefit tourists, as they’ll be able to view and photograph the sunset without being hampered by overcrowding.

Around half of all visitors to Cambodia visit Angkor during their stay.

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