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Man caught with a monkey in his pants trying to board flight

11th Sep 2012
Written by: Macca Sherifi

Man caught with a monkey in his pants trying to board flight

“Is that a monkey in your pants or are you just pleased to see me?”

Custom authorities in India have arrested a man who was attempting to board a flight in New Delhi with an endangered monkey in his pants (honestly, you couldn’t make this stuff up – Ed).
The suspect from the United Arab Emirates, who was detained along with two other travellers, had arrived from the Thai capital Bangkok and was about to take a connecting flight to Dubai on Jet Airways.
“Security personnel found the monkey in his underwear while frisking the transit passengers,” a customs official said.
The 17-centimetre loris is a type of monkey native to India and South East Asia, and is seen by some as possessing aphrodisiac qualities.
Petite and round-eyed with a white stripe down its face, “the monkey is an endangered species,” said the official.
Another was discovered in a dustbin at the Indira Gandhi International airport. It had been abandoned because the men could not carry him.
Both monkeys have been handed over to animal welfare organisation People for Animals headed by former environment minister Maneka Gandhi, the official said.
Recently we published a story about a man whose “addicted to caterpillars”. He tried to smuggle 15kgs of dried caterpillars onto a plane from Togo – he failed.
If you could smuggle anything in your pants what would it be? Jump onto the message boards and get chatting!

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