Man’s car attacked, by goats

30th Apr 2014
Written by: Rebecca Root

Man calls police to get goats off car

Somebody's having a baaad day

The victim, from the rural area of Richmond in Maine, was not happy to find the hairy perpetrators atop his Ford Focus.  

The red vehicle had been parked outside its owner’s home when he found the animals climbing on the bonnet. After failed attempts to get the two goats to dismount the victim had to call in the goat busters. Police officers were called to the scene for immediate assistance.

Richmond Police Chief Scott MacMaster told the Kennebec Journal that unfortunately this wasn’t the first time they had had problems with the animals in question. Billy One and Billy Two are in fact repeat offenders.

The officer said: '[The goats] have been known to get loose in the past. I guess goats enjoy climbing on cars. It's like play for them.'

The local constabulary contacted the owner of the goats who lived nearby. She was able to coax the kids down and put them back behind fences.

While the goats left the scene unscathed, the car suffered from severe hoof scratches and will need mechanical attention.

It is believed that the vehicle owner would be contacting the owner of his disruptive neighbours to claim expenses for the damage done but police are hopeful that no legal action will be taken.

"The vehicle owner was going to get estimates and give it to the neighbour and hopefully take care of it civilly.”

It is unknown if compensation will also be claimed due to the emotional trauma.

The goats were unavailable for comment.


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