Man rolls 6ft testicle across USA

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3rd Oct 2014
Written by: Helen Winter

To Raise Awareness of Testicular Cancer Man Pushes Ball Across USA

Thomas Cantley, or more appropriately named ‘Mr Ballsy’, has spent the better half of last month pushing a 6ft, flesh coloured ball across North America in an attempt to raise awareness of testicular cancer.

After beating testicular cancer, Mr Cantley felt that there needed to be more awareness about the early signs of this disease. He quit his job, sold his house, and on September 3 he decided to take a giant testicle – and his dog Vader – on a trek from Los Angeles to New York City. Mr Cantley is hoping that his unconventional way of travelling will help spread awareness about testicular cancer, which is the most common cancer amongst men in the UK. The big nude ball has been covered in messages from cancer survivors and people offering their support and personal stories.

So far, Mr Cantley has travelled 2147 miles across 12 cities, had 122 donated meals and 26 donated nights’ accommodation, with the entire cause being funded by the generosity of people he meets on the way. His inspirational campaign has racked up an enormous amount of followers on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook who are supporting his absurd, yet ambitious adventure.  Next stop, the east coast and New York City! He sure has won his title as ‘ballsy’.

Find out more about this epic journey and its cause on Mr. Ballsy’s website.


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