Man travels 24,000km in search of the best banger

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12th Dec 2012
Written by: Vicky Philpott

Man travels 24,000km in search of the best banger

He’s tried more than 400 varieties of sausage on his travels

Everybody needs a passion and for John Gledson it’s a good hearty sausage. He’s travelled the world, 15,000 miles (24,000km) to be precise, to sample all kinds of sausages, from Cumberlands to chorizos to chipolatas and everything in between.

He told the Metro “I’m a sausage lover and it probably all stems from when I used to live in Cumbria as a child.

“Everyone used to come round for my mum’s cooked breakfasts – she used to go out of her way to find new sausages.”

Now 44 and with six sausage sampling countries behind him this year alone he’s so far decided that the currywurst in Hamburg is his favourite.

Sausages hanging in the market

Although he’s still got a few more to try, and next year will travel to Italy, China, Indonesia and South Africa to see if their porky offerings can beat the legendary currywurst.

Few facts about sausages for you: they’re made from ground meat and the best ones are encased in intestine. Most countries have their own take on sausage, and they can be smoked, dried or cured to make them last longer – Spain is well known for this technique. The meat used is traditionally beef, pork or veal and depending where you are around the world this meat can account for as little as 30% of the overall content. Look for a higher content for a tastier sausage.

John Gledson, a father of four from Gosport in Hampshire, is chronicling his meaty escapades for his book ‘The Sausage Trail’ due next year.

What food do you fancy travelling the world for? Let us know on the message boards!

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