Melbourne ranked as ‘the best place to live’

31st Aug 2011
Written by: Mary Short

Melbourne ranked as ‘the best place to live in the world’

Many of us have thought it but Melbourne has finally been voted as ‘the best place to live in the world’.

The position was held by Vancouver for nearly a decade, but the city has been ousted from the number one spot and consigned to third, with Vienna splitting the two cities in second.

Both Australia and Canada dominated the top 10 with a total of seven cities (four and three respectively).

The results come from the Economist Intelligence Unit’s liveability ranking, ranking 140 cities from 0-100 on 30 factors spread across five areas; culture and environment, education, health care, infrastructure, and stability.

The first 63 cities in the table (down as far as Santiago in Chile) are all considered to occupy the top tier of liveability. Recent political and social unrest in Greece means Athens is no longer in this group.

At the bottom of the pile sit Dhaka and Harare in 139th and 140th places. They scored particularly poorly for infrastructure and healthcare.

Between the top and the bottom, London and New York occupy 53rd and 56th places and scored low for the perceived threat of terror and the rates of petty and violent crime. It is thought that the recent riots in the London will drop the city even lower down the list.

Economist Intelligence Unit’s liveability rankingstated: “Those that score best tend to be mid-sized cities in wealthier countries with a relatively low population density. This can foster a range of recreational activities without leading to high crime levels or overburdened infrastructure. In the top ten, Finland and New Zealand both have densities of 16 people per sq km.”

The top 10 best places to live are:

  1. Melbourne
  2. Vienna
  3. Vancouver
  4. Toronto
  5. Calgary
  6. Sydney
  7. Helsinki
  8. Perth
  9. Adelaide
  10. Auckland

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