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Mexico tourist board invents tequila cloud

29th Mar 2017
Written by: Dave Owen


A cloud that rains tequila has been invented by Mexico’s tourist board.

The alcoholic cumulus is the brainchild of advertising agency Lapiz, and it’s been on display at a Berlin art gallery this week.

Germany is the second-largest consumer of tequila outside Mexico (after the USA), so the idea is that the cloud will encourage Germans to book a Mexican holiday. Getting them drunk on tequila first probably helps.

Mexico tequila cloud

March is Berlin’s rainiest month, and the cloud only releases tequila drops when it’s raining outside, apparently in order to remind Germans of the Mexican sunshine.

Here’s how the cloud is created: ultrasonic humidifiers vibrate tequila at a frequency which transforms it into a visible mist. This then goes into a plastic container to be mixed with vapour, forming the cloud. When it rains, visitors can collect tequila from underneath.

If we have one hope for the future, it’s for chocolate milkshake clouds.

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