Naked beach travellers ‘revealed’

18th May 2012
Written by: Andrew Tipp

Naked beach travellers ‘revealed’

Germans exposed as most likely nude sunbathers

When asked to imagine the nationality most likely to get naked on a beach, gap year backpackers and travellers might optimistically think of Brazilians or Australians.

In reality, the nationality happiest to get naked on a beach are the Germans.

In a new survey commissioned by Expedia, Germans topped the charts for nude sunbathing – with 15% of respondents claiming to sunbathe in the buff.

Indians and Spaniards (8%) were the second-likeliest to forgo beach clothing. British respondents claimed to be less keen on non-clothed beach-going, with only 2% saying they sunbathed naked.

The results revealed 5% of the French like to get naked on the beach. Americans and the Japanese were shyer, with no more than 2% from each country deciding to leave the swim shorts and bikinis at home.

The survey, carried out by Harris Interactive, quizzed 8,599 adults in 21 countries on their holiday-making attitudes. The results, named the ‘2012 Flip Flop Report’, revealed respondents feelings on prices, beach quality, sharks and nudity.

Perhaps predictably, the survey found the nationalities most likely to dance on the beach were Indians (39%), Mexicans (34%), Brazilians (30%) and Argentineans (27%).

The results of the Expedia survey may have surprised some observers, but the numbers come as no shock to industry experts. Marcus Sherifi, acting as spokesperson for, said: “At we’ve always known that the Germans exude liberal beach etiquette.

“For years they have been portrayed as reserved, cold and machine-like, but we now know that they are very open and comfortable with being naked on a beach.”

Sherifi added: “The British are obviously more reserved about getting naked on the beach.

“Either that or they’re just lying.”

If you’re thinking of going naked on a beach, check out this guide to nude beach etiquette…

What do you make of the survey results? Do you like to get naked on the beach? Is beach nudity sexy or wrong?

Even though there’s no nudity in it, we heartily recommend you read Darren Crocker’s Guide to Germany


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