Naked pole-dancer left feeling exposed

7th Sep 2011
Written by: James Roberts

Naked pole-dancer left feeling exposed

We’ve always got our finger on the pulse when it comes to backpacking news and gossip, and when something goes viral we usually know about it.

The latest sensation to hit the internet is video footage of a British backpacker pole-dancing on a street in Cairns. The video has been shown worldwide and the story has hit a number of Australian newspapers, attracting a debate over privacy. Australia’s channel 9, A Current Afair (ACA), initially broke the story.

The video is the result of a feud between residents and backpackers at the Asylum Hostel in Cairns. Local residents are unhappy with backpackers on their gap year making noise long into the night. One particular resident, Bruce Passfield, began filming backpackers after becoming fed up with their late-night revelry.

Bruce said: “I’m not snooping into their backyard. I just wanted to collect evidence to stop all the nudity, dope smoking and late-night Pommie soccer chants.

“She negated all rights to privacy when she took her clothes off and put on a show in the middle of the street.”

Catherine Howard, 19, from the UK, participated in a game of truth or dare, stripping down and pole dancing with a telegraph pole outside the hostel at 2.30am. She believes that the footage is an invasion of privacy. She said: “I felt very humiliated about it the next day, let alone to discover it had been captured on film and shown to the world.

“My family back home in the UK are refusing to talk to me and friends in the United States (said) they’ve seen it too.

“But I feel there has been a really big invasion of my privacy,”

If you want to look at the original news story and video then click here – A Current Affair. It makes interesting viewing…

So what do you think gappers? Have you stayed up all night partying at the Asylum Hostel in Cairns on your gap year? Do you think this is an invasion of privacy? Whatever your thoughts, post them below.


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