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7th Mar 2014
Written by: Will Jones

New app reads the way

Reading just got revolutionised

A new app which will allow people to read up to 1,000 words per minute – quadruple the average pace – is about to hit the market.

Spritz, the software developer behind the new technology, aims to have 15% of the world's population using it to read by 2016.

To understand how the app works, it's first necessary to understand how our brains process words. Slightly left to the centre of each word we read is something called the Optimal Recognition Point (ORP). This is the exact point at which our brains decode the random letters into something which actually means something. Spritz has shown than by breaking down sentences into successive displays of individual words, and highlighting the ORP of each word in red, our brains can process text much faster.


Try it for yourself, beginning at 250 words per minute, which is slightly quicker than the average reader. You can go all the way up to 500 words per minute (a visual for 1,000 words per minute isn't yet available).

Try 250 words per minute…

Now try 350 words per minute…

And now 500 words per minute…!

Let us know how you got on in the comments…


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