New backpacker car market opens in Sydney

3rd Nov 2011
Written by: Mary Short

New backpacker car market opens in Sydney

Travelling to Australia on a gap year is almost a rite of passage. Most backpackers arrive in Sydney and look for means of transport to travel up to Cairns and around the country. One of the most popular options is to hire or buy a car / campervan and drive up the East Coast. Well, it’s just got a lot easier for backpackers looking to do just that.

A new car market has just been given the green light to open in Kings Cross, Sydney, allowing backpackers to buy and sell cars.

The new car market will be known as the Sydney Travellers Car Market and will be run and managed by Travellers Auto Barn, a backpacker car / campervan rental company.

For years backpackers had to buy and sell their cars from Victoria Street with up to 30 street-side vehicles being offered for sale every day. But the red light district has given the ad hoc car market the red light, and the government is moving the backpackers along.

After a year-long “Clean Up Victoria Street” campaign by the Lord Mayor, Clover Moore, and local residents, the State Government passed a law this week that enables councils to ban the street-side selling of vehicles.

The changes will come into force next month, when a new backpacker car market is opened in Kings Cross car park.

The Managing Director of Travellers Auto Barn, Peter Burke, said: "We are excited to be involved in this project for many reasons, but one of our main motivating factors was that we could see the animosity growing between locals and backpackers. Being part of the backpacker industry and being a local business ourselves we though it almost our duty to both help the locals and to protect the image of backpackers as well.”

The new car market will open on Noveber 15 and be in the Kings Cross basement car park, operating 24 hours a day from Monday to Thursday, and 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. Friday to Sunday.

For those of you looking to hire or buy a car in Australia then you should read our fantastic guide, aptly titled Buying a Car in Australia with Travellers Auto Barn.

Did you hire or buy a car / campervan in Sydney on your gap year? What company did you use? Have you got any funny stories of driving around Australia for us?

Photo supplied by Travellers Auto Barn.



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