Orphaned orangutan to be rehabilitated

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24th Sep 2015
Written by: Will Jones

Future is bright for orangutan Josh

First orphaned, then abandoned, this baby orangutan – since named Josh – had just about the most dismal start to life possible. His mother was killed after straying onto a coal mining site in Borneo, and it was here Josh was discovered, clinging to her lifeless body, confused and terrified. He was four months old.

The owner of the coal mine briefly took pity on the helpless creature, adopting him as a pet, but after a few days grew bored of his company and dumped him at a local picnic site. Here Josh languished for a few days, completely vulnerable to natural predators, surviving on scraps thrown from passers-by.

Finally, a well-meaning person recognised his plight and contacted a local charity called the Borneo Orangutan Survival Foundation (BOS). They rescued Josh immediately, and from that point life improved immeasurably for the traumatised youngster.

Josh the rescued orangutan in Borneo

Josh was taken by BOS to the Samboja Lestari Orangutan Conservation Center, where against all the odds his medical check-up came back all clear.

He is now spending each day with other orangutans and learning how to be one himself: climbing trees, foraging and, of course, playing. He still has much to learn – most notably how to get back down from trees he’s climbed – but he makes progress by the day.

Josh has become a firm favourite among staff and volunteers at the centre and soon they will be able to release him back into the wild, where he belongs.

Work with orangutans like Josh

Orangutan rescue in Borneo

If you would like a chance to work with these beautiful creatures – perhaps even Josh himself – at the Samboja Lestari Conservation Centre, have a look at this orangutan volunteer project.

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