Papua New Guinea opens for business

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30th Sep 2013
Written by: Tobas Luthtill

Papua New Guinea opens for business

New website allows travellers on their gap year to book authentic & cheap accommodation

Anyone who knows anything about Papua New Guinea may wonder why it hasn’t been completely overrun with backpackers.  It’s reasonably accessible for those in the region. It has mind-blowing scenery. It has truly unique culture. It’s webbed with world-class trekking trails. It has stupendously impressive dive sites. It’s full of insanely cheap hostels and…

Oh, wait. That’s it. The lack of affordable accommodation. Until recently, PNG, which contains approximately diddlysquat when it comes to tourism infrastructure (just one of the reasons intrepid travellers find it so appealing), had just a smattering of high end urban resorts, typically charging about £300 per night.

Thankfully all that has changed with the introduction of Village Huts, an accommodation website which gives travellers direct access to hundreds of local guesthouses and lodges throughout the country. It’s not that the lodges are new (though some have sprung up), rather that before this booking site was revealed there was no way to pre book, or even find out about them online. Effectively, unless you were on an organised tour, they were completely off the radar. This has made Papua New Guinea a fantastic place for backapackers who are already in Australia (less than 100 miles away) to pop over to because it's now much more affordable.

The emergence of the booking engine is a big step towards allowing travellers to explore the country independently, to delve into its most remote and beautiful parts, and to enjoy truly authentic experiences.

Each of the huts has been personally approved by Village Huts staff and passed various quality assurance criteria.

This mountainous, majestic and mysterious island is one of those wonderfully rare destinations which is both worth visiting yet seldom visited.

If you are about to embark on – or are currently enjoying – a gap year in Australia, this tropical paradise, completely unruffled by tourism, needs to be pencilled into your itinerary. Now.

Not convinced? Check out this article, which gives 15 Reasons Why Papua New Guinea is Awesome.

Also, don't forget we're giving away a PNG rucksack full of chocolate! Check out our competition page to enter.


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