Passengers have to push plane in Siberia

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26th Nov 2014
Written by: Will Jones

Jet stuck on freezing runway gets helping hand from passengers

From the icy heart of Siberia a video has emerged which shows aircraft passengers pushing their plane after it became stranded on a freezing runway.

Temperatures had plummeted to -52C and, depending on which source you consult, either the plane’s landing and take-off gear had frozen, the planes wheels had become frozen to the runway or the tug truck had broken down. Perhaps all three.

Whatever the case, the plane wasn’t going anywhere, which led to some of the 74 passengers hopping out and putting some weight behind the jet’s wings.

According to the Independent, in one of the many videos of the incident  to be posted online, one of the passengers can be heard saying:

“Several things make a real man’s life worth living: writing a book, planting a tree, or bracing one’s muscles to help an immobilised passenger plane take to the skies.”

It certainly beats that picture.


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