Pay for trains with squats in Moscow

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13th Nov 2013
Written by: Victoria Philpott

Pay for trains with squats in Moscow

Celebrate the upcoming Winter Olympics with the 30-squat challenge 

Commuters and tourists alike can now save money on their transport in Russia's capital city Moscow by twerking for their ticket. Miley Cyrus, calm yourself down. 

To celebrate the impending 2014 Sochi Winter Olympics subway stations in Moscow have installed these clever machines that attach to some sort of mat that counts down as you sit down. Don't go thinking you can trick it with some skilled footwork, the machine knows if you try to cheat, as do all the people who'll gather to watch you. Backpackers rejoice, you can save a few Rouble (currency) by finishing off your 30 squats.

The whole idea is to get people thinking about their fitness and how to incorporate it into daily life. Several stations across Moscow have installed them, ready to bribe passing folk into a bit of exercise. Imagine the carnage if they tried this in London!

Check out the dude doing the Cossack dance at 1:12 – he sure knows how to impress the ladies… 


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