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People who speak more than one language are more attractive, says poll

25th Aug 2016
Written by: Dave Owen


Travelling is one of the best ways to learn another language, and a new poll shows that becoming multilingual could vastly improve your life.

The survey from language app Babbel showed that 71% of Americans and 61% of Britons find someone more attractive if they can speak more than one language.

Nine out of 10 of the 3,000 English-speakers polled said they would learn a new language if it would help them in the pursuit of romance.

Learning a language while travelling

The benefits of being multilingual extend beyond the trousers, with one in four of those polled believing that not being able to speak another language has hindered their career. One in eight admitted to exaggerating their language skills on their CV.

We believe that learning a language when you travel is hugely beneficial, as it helps you better appreciate a culture, as well as making it easier to live day-to-day in another country. It might even open up experiences that some visitors never see.

If it can also help you land the love of your life and an amazing job when you get home, it really is win-win.

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