Prawns in their pants? No way mate…

20th Oct 2011
Written by: Macca Sherifi

Prawns in their pants? No way mate…

Three European backpackers who had fine dining on their minds have been caught with prawns in their pants in an Australian supermarket.

The French and German nationals, who were in Australia on their gap year, were arrested on Monday after being caught with mussels, prawns and other seafoods down their pants, walking a fine line between backpacking and flashpacking.

Jan Schieck, 20, from Germany, pleaded guilty to stealing $6.60 worth of prawns and mussels from a Woolworths deli at 2pm on Monday.

Police prosecutor Rick Pallister told the court: “He placed the item down the front of his pants and left the store without paying. (When questioned) he said they were too expensive.”

Mats David Gabillard and Maxime David Minie, both 22, both from France, also pleaded guilty to stealing prawns as well other items, such as gourmet cheese, chocolate, iced coffee and hazelnut spread. All three spent the night in jail.

When questioned by Courier Mail Schieck said: “We were really hungry, you know? We were just stupid and we didn't want to pay – that was the reason.

"We just wanted to cook something. We just thought, yeah, we'll spend a little bit less money (and steal the items).

"From now on we'll eat pasta again. Only pasta, nothing else."

It seems as if these three took travelling on a shoestring to a new level and will make anyone reconsider before they shout “throw another shrimp on the barbie” After all, you never know what you’re going to get…

What would you have made with mussels, prawns, gourmet cheese, chocolate, iced coffee and hazelnut spread? Have you ever stolen food whilst on the road gappers? Come on… you can tell us…


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