Pungent passengers top complaint survey

11th Apr 2012
Written by: Andrew Tipp

Pungent passengers top complaint survey

Plane travellers with poor hygiene are most unpopular companions

Air travel is not without its inconveniences. Most backpackers and gap year travellers will be familiar with cramped toilets, poor food and uncomfortable seats. And that’s before you even consider fellow passengers.

Who are the least popular of those fellow passengers? Well, a new passenger survey has revealed that the most offensive air travellers are those with bad body odour.

The survey of air travel passengers, conducted by travel search website Skyscanner, found that travellers with poor personal hygiene were the ones they would most like to avoid. Overweight passengers that encroach upon personal space came second in the survey, while drunken travellers were third.

Other categories of passenger that fliers would most like to avoid were babies and children, nervous travellers, couples displaying too much public affection and passengers that are too talkative.

Considering the Skyscanner survey categories, it seems the ultimate offensive passenger could therefore be a sweaty, fat, drunk lothario who is afraid of flying, overly chatty and carrying their young child.

Skyscanner spokesperson Derek Boyte told News.com.au the survey findings suggested that passengers could put more thought into their impact on fellow air travellers.

Boyte said: "When other people are around you need to be considerate and think about personal hygiene, and perhaps not drinking too much either before or during a flight.

He added: "I've been fortunate in that I've never had to sit next to anyone with bad body odour, but I've been next to a very chatty person, which wasn't such a bad thing actually."

Boyte revealed he was surprised that babies and children didn't rate more highly in the survey, given the amount of noise they can make.

Do you agree with the ranking of offensive passenger types? Do you have an experience of being stuck with any of these? What is the most annoying passenger trait you have encountered?

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