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Qantas plans 19-hour direct Australia flight

13th Oct 2015
Written by: Dave Owen

Non-stop flight between London and Perth will be the longest in the world

We absolutely love Australia, but getting there from the UK requires a painful cocktail of lengthy flights, changes, and layovers that puts many travellers off the idea altogether. But airline Qantas is promising to put an end to all that by offering a direct flight between London and Perth by 2017.
The 8,700 mile route would take approximately 19 hours direct, a range made possible by the airline’s new Boeing 787-9 Dreamliner, and would become the longest commercial flight in the world. Such a lengthy journey would require the plane to come complete with two pairs of pilots and additional cabin crew. A crew rest area would be located above the passenger cabin.
Qantas could soon offer a 19-hour direct flight to Perth
There are some problems with the proposal as it stands. The nearest alternate airport is Adelaide, some 1,200 miles away, which could prove an issue if the plane couldn’t land at Perth. The route would also take the plane over the Crimea, airspace currently off-limits to commercial planes after the shooting down of flight MH17.
A race between airlines to operate the longest route on the planet has been raging throughout the year. Qantas currently flies the world’s longest route, the 8,600 mile journey from Sydney to Dallas-Fort Worth. Emirates is looking to overtake them in February 2016  by flying the slightly longer route from Dubai to Panama, while Air India is planning an 8,700 mile trip from Bengaluru to San Francisco.
The real winner in all of this is the traveller; within the next couple of years getting to the farthest reaches of the world will be easier than ever. It’s time to start saving.

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