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Rejoice! The History of Travel has Arrived!

11th Feb 2015
Written by: Dave Owen

Scroll down, get smart, marvel at the journey of the human race

We here at Gapyear.com are desperately passionate about travel and also desperate to show how much we love you. "We love you!" we scream, hammering at our keyboards until our fingers bleed and someone has to drag us away from our desks.

As a sort of therapy, two of our Gapyear staffers, the venerable Cormac Scanlan and suspiciously tall Will Jones, decided to spend several months pouring this passion into a single project, and finally the fruit of their labour is ripe and ready for you to devour.

Gapyear.com is proud to present…

Check out "A Brief Visual History of Travel"

Phwoar. Look at it, fellow travel lover. Let its slick scrolling imagery sear itself across your retinas. Let its fine wordsmanship stir something long forgotten in your loins. Treat it no differently than you would a lover.

A Brief Visual History of Travel presents the epic journey of the human race (that's you), from the plains of Africa to the beckoning universe, and beyond. It has high adventure, people being skinned alive, war, amazing facial hair, hippies, disgusting injuries, astronauts, and more, all wrapped up in gorgeous presentation optimised for whatever device you wish to view it on. iPad on the train? You're covered. Phone on the toilet? Learn while your bowels evacuate! It looks particularly spectacular on the humble computer screen.

We want A Brief Visual History of Travel to demonstrate how passionate Gapyear.com is about travel and backpacking, about delivering the very finest content to you, beautiful reader, and being the best gap year resource on the internet.

Read it. Share it. Love it. (Please?)

Check out "A Brief Visual History of Travel"

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