Remote incest cult discovered in Oz

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12th Dec 2013
Written by: Will Jones

Remote inbred cult discovered in Oz

One of the world's worst cases of inbreeding

Australia, a popular destination for gappers, is famous for its stunning natural scenery and dazzling cities, but today it’s in the news for slightly less savoury reasons.

In what sounds like the synopsis for a Stephen King novel, a colony of 40 severely inbred adults and children have been found living in a remote valley in the state of New South Wales, a case which has creepy parallels with the Aussie film Bad Boy Bubby (pictured).

Much of the family, which encompassed four generations, was children, many of whom were found to have serious deformities and disabilities. Most were unable to speak intelligibly and lacked knowledge of any basic hygiene.

Their homestead consisted of two dilapidated caravans, two sheds and two tents, all without running water, sewage disposal or electricity.

The harrowing case came to light following the release of documents from the New South Wales Children’s Court. The information gathered so far suggests there were five family groups. One was headed by Betty Colt, 46, who conceived 13 children with her father, Tim, her brother, Charlie, and other family members.

One of the children interviewed, Kimberly, 13, said she regularly performed sex acts with her nine-year-old uncle, Dwayne, while her eight-year-old aunt, Carmen, looked on.

Out of all the children living in the camp, only one – a five-year-old girl – had parents who were not related to each other.

The family is said to have been originally spawned by a pair of great-great grandparents who were brother and sister. Over the years the resulting children and grandchildren continued to have sex with one another.

Some of the children have now been placed into foster care, while others are still undergoing treatment.


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