Rent a girl’s bum as a pillow

22nd Jan 2013
Written by: Macca Sherifi

Rent a girl’s bum as a pillow

Tokyo ‘cuddle club’ allows patrons to rent a Japanese girl to sleep with

Heading to Japan on your gap year? Fancy sleeping with a stranger or hiring a human bum pillow for a few minutes? Well now you can! (Don’t worry, you don’t have to dress up as a gimp to partake – that’s just for anonymous video purposes…)

Soineya, a ‘co-sleeping speciality shop’, opened last year in Tokyo’s eccentric Akihabara district and allows patrons to sleep with a stranger, for a price of course.

According to Rocket News, Soineya, whose name literally means ‘sleep together shop’, isn’t a brothel, but a cuddle club where after paying an admission of 3,000 yen (about £21 / $33), customers select from a menu of sleep durations.

For 1,000 yen (about £7 / $11) a pop, the customer can give the woman a foot massage, have the woman look at him or her, get petted on the head, or have the woman change clothing, among other things, according to a Rocket News translation of the Soineya website. Interestingly, it is more expensive to give a foot massage than to receive a foot massage.

One of the most popular services is the human bum pillows where a patron can rest their head on the bottom of its female staff.

However, don’t get the wrong idea as there is no sexual conduct allowed in the sleeping shop.

Is this creepy or would you be keen to try it out? Post your comments below.

If you’re heading to Japan then make sure you check out our Japan country section for advice and information on where to go and what to do.


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