Sex appeal increased by travelling

15th Jun 2012
Written by: Mary Short

Sex appeal increased by travelling

Taking a gap year makes you sexier

Are you worried about being a backpacker, living in the same clothes for a year, and being unattractive? Fear not as your sex appeal is actually increased by travelling.

The result comes from a survey of 880 single Aussie's. More than half of singles who responded to an Intrepid Travel survey conducted by online dating site believe that people who have travelled a lot are much more attractive.

Adventure travellers and adrenaline seekers are the most appealing with 23% of respondents saying that's what they find most attractive, with the off-the-beaten track traveller a close second with 22%.

Jo Stewart, spokesperson at Intrepid Travel, said: "The attitudes of singles show that a bi-product of travel is that it adds to your sex appeal.

"Travellers are generally considered curious about the world, open minded and adventurous – all of which are attractive qualities."

However, Marcus Sherifi, spokesperson for, had this to say: "Travelling makes you sexier? I wish someone told me. I was like a monk on my gap year.

"Still, it's no surprise that people hook-up on while travelling. It's part of having a good time and enjoying yourself, and if people can get a date out of it back home then that's an added bonus. Just another reason to take a gap year really!"

The poll showed 96% of singles who listed travel as an interest on their dating profile were also seeking someone else with a passion for travelling.

Do you think gap years make you sexier? Is the passion for travelling a quality you look for when dating?

If you want to read about someone who's been there and done it then read Marta Napierala's feature on travelling with her fiance…


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