Sex in space could kill you

15th Mar 2013
Written by: Macca Sherifi

Sex in space could kill you

New research suggests sex in space could be more difficult than first thought

A popular fantasy among men is having sex in space (especially if you’ve watched Star Whores), but it might have to remain just a fantasy for now as new research suggests it could kill you.

James Bond may have given it a go in Moonraker, but experiments on mating plants by scientists at Montreal University show that weightlessness affects the way cells are transported inside living things, causing ‘traffic jams’ on the vital highways that connect different processes.

Experiments conducted on plants have led scientists to conclude that changes in gravity can damage cells, clogging cell ‘highway traffic’ and potentially causing life-threatening diseases in humans.

The research found that when gravity becomes extremely weak or strong, it affects the development and functionality of the pollen tube, which is the male reproductive organ in plants.

“Our findings have implications for human health as similar effects are likely to occur in human cells such as neurons where long distance intracellular transport is crucial,” said Dr Youssef Chebli, a co-researcher in the study.

Even though this is bad news for some, there are rumours that people have already have had sex in space. Both Russia and the United States have denied that their mixed-gender space crews have ever had sex in space but the astronauts always play coy when the subject is brought up.

However, with Virgin Galactic planning to fly tourists into space as early as next year, it’s not a case of if, but when. And with NASA launching missions to land people on Mars, sex in space is actually something that scientists will need to look at as mankind looks for its next sustainable source to live on. But for now get the DVD out and keep dreaming…

The safest way to have sex in space is in Uranus?

It is worth noting that the research shows that ‘reproductive sex’ has a negative effect, but an adventurous person with some imagination might not necessarily find this a limitation.

If you could, would you “boldly go, where no man has gone before” and have a “frak” in space?

As ever, post your comments below…


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