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Skiing world record backflip attempt

17th Apr 2013
Written by: Macca Sherifi

Skiing world record backflip attempt

30 skiers perform simultaneous backflip

If you shred the slopes you know that doing a backflip ain’t easy. Imagine 30 people doing it all at the same time. Because that’s what’s just happened.
A group of 30 skiers have performed a jaw-dropping simultaneous backflip in a world record attempt.
The skiers took off down a short slope, performed the backflip, and managed to land it. It’s awesome.
Organised by ski champion Mikael Kingsbury, the attempt took place yesterday at the Mont St Sauveur ski resort in Quebec, Canada.

Fellow skier, Jerome Berneche, 23, who took part, told Sky News: “Mikael had this idea a month or so ago and created a Facebook group where he invited the people he knew that could do a backflip easily enough to be confident doing it holding hands.
“When he saw there was interest, he contacted the mountain to see if they could build us a jump wide enough and close a part of a slope for a day.
“They were kind enough to help us with this idea and made it happen.”
We think it’s pretty rad as but what do you think? Post your comments below.
Featured image contributed to Quico Gimeno (via Creative Commons)

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