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South Korea’s government is cracking down on embarrassing menu translations

18th Jul 2016
Written by: Dave Owen

Accurate, less fun menus coming

If you’ve travelled anywhere in Asia, you’ve probably found some amusingly inaccurate translations in restaurant menus.

The internet is full of pictures of restaurants offering the likes of ‘good slag porridge,’ ‘crotch steamed dish,’ ‘explodes the large intestine,’ and more. Thankfully, they’re usually accompanied by a picture of the actual dish, which is much less alarming.

Good slag porridge

For most people this is a harmless source of amusement, but the South Korean government apparently doesn’t agree. It’s set up a task force dedicated to removing all embarrassing menu translations in the country.

South Korea’s government believes that these mistranslations “not only confound foreigners but embarrass some Koreans.”

The task force will set up a website listing the correct translations for South Korean dishes, giving restaurants something to refer to when putting together their menus.

So if you’re desperate to order some ‘chicken asshole house’ you might need to act quickly.

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