Surfing goats ride waves

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15th Jul 2012
Written by: Andrew Tipp

Surfing goats ride waves

American pet goat takes to surfing the California waves

At we often report serious, hard-hitting facts and news related to gap years and backpackers. We take pride in giving you the vital information that you need to know before you go travelling.

Then again, sometimes we like to report on goats surfing in California.

This is Goatee, a nanny goat that has shot to fame for her surfing antics. Along with her kid billy Pismo, she has been riding the waves at San Onofre State Beach in Orange County.

Goatee’s owner Dayna McGregor said: “She did pretty well. She got up on a couple of waves. She was pretty successful.”

McGregor, a buff surfer who looks like he could have stepped off the set of seminal 1990 movie Point Break, originally bought Goatee to eat unwanted foliage on his property. However, he eventually started taking her on his surfing trips.

Surprisingly, Goatee took to surfing remarkably easily. Well, for a goat.

When Goatee’s baby Pismo was born in March, McGregor managed to instil his loving of surfing to the kid too.

“They caught the first wave and it was pretty good,” Said McGregor. “I love surfing so I figured the goats would like surfing.”

Who can argue with that logic?

In feat of pointless but entertaining research, McGregor has now shown both goats rising together on one surfboard. Observers reported that Pismo kept his balance well and “seemed natural” on the board.

So far there has been no animal rights backlash over the ‘goats on surfboards’ activity.


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