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One in every 50 travellers finds romance on a flight, survey finds

28th Aug 2018
Written by: Dave Owen

While most of us are hoping our neighbours on a flight will leave us alone and have good personal hygiene, it seems some passengers are using their journeys to fit in a little dating.
A new HSBC survey has found that one in every 50 travellers has found a romantic partner on a flight (no, not in a mile-high club way).
The survey asked 5,000 travellers from 141 different countries about personal connections they’ve made on flights. As well as romantic hookups, it found that 16% of travellers have made a business connection on a flight, and 14% have made long-lasting friendships.
Couple airport terminal
Over half of respondents said they’ve had a conversation with a stranger during a flight (though it isn’t specified whether they were given any choice in the matter or not).
We’ve already found that gap years are a good way to meet the love of your life, so why not flights too?
Despite these surprisingly high statistics, we urge travellers to have a little chill and respect boundaries when looking for romance on a flight. In July this year the ‘Plane Bae’ viral story, where a Twitter user live-tweeted a man and a woman seemingly hitting it off on a flight, led to widespread controversy and harassment of the people involved. If the passenger beside you clearly wants to be left alone, leave them be!

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