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Bleuch! Sweden opens Disgusting Food Museum

Rotten eggs, fermented fish and, uh, Vegemite?

6th Nov 2018
Written by: Dave Owen

One of the joys of travel is trying new foods and experiencing new tastes. But even the bravest backpackers might be put off by some of the world’s more *ahem* esoteric dishes.
The Disgusting Food Museum, freshly launched in Sweden this month, is the perfect place to test your stomach.
The new museum, located in Malmö to the south west of the country, features a collection of over 80 foods from around the world that can kindly be described as acquired tastes.
These include maggot-infested cheese (casu marzu) popular in Sardinia, century eggs, a Chinese delicacy where eggs are preserved for months until they turn dark green inside, and Hákarl, a fermented shark dish served in Iceland.
casu marzu maggot cheese
The museum will be open until the end of January 2019. It comes from Dr Samuel West, already known for opening the Museum of Failure, which is dedicated to failed gadgets and electronics.
The Disgusting Food Museum aims to challenge our ideas of what food is and isn’t repulsive by focusing on how tastes vary across cultures.
To this end, seemingly less extreme foods such as Vegemite and liquorice are also included, as many find them disgusting despite them being relatively commonplace.

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And yes, of course, as part of your 185kr (£16) entry fee there are opportunities to taste some of the featured dishes. If you dare.
Stomach still feeling okay? We’ve rounded up some of the world’s more dubious delicacies to see what you’re really made of.

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