Thai floods update: safe to travel to Bangkok

15th Nov 2011
Written by: Macca Sherifi

Thai floods update: safe to travel to Bangkok

Flood waters are finally receding in Thailand and Bangkok is safe to travel to.

Those travelling to Thailand on their gap year have been advised by the FCO to exercise caution when visiting the country’s 22 flood-stricken provinces.

The FCO had previously been advising against all but essential travel to the capital Bangkok, as well as central, north-eastern and eastern Thailand.

But as the floodwaters recede tourists have once again been informed that it’s safe to travel to Bangkok, meaning gap year plans don’t have to be disrupted.

The FCO states: “We now assess that the risk of floods affecting central Bangkok is reducing, though a small risk remains that some of the floodwater affecting the suburbs to the north, east and west of Bangkok could spread slowly towards the centre of the city.”

Thailand’s prime minister, Yingluck Shinawatra, told Aljazeera: “The general situation is stable as floodwaters drain into the sea, but how quickly it drains depends on the contours of each area.”

In Ayutthaya, where flooding forced the closure of popular tourist attractions, waters have started to subside and officials say attractions will be reopened once clean-up is completed.

Ayutthaya provinival governor, Witthaya Piewpong, said: “Right now the tourists are starting to understand and hear the news that tourism in Ayutthaya is resuming. We are now welcoming all tourists.”

The Thai floods have killed 562 people and affected over 150,000.

Have you been affected by the Thai floods? If so, how have they affected your gap year plans?

For more information on Thailand then see our Thailand section.

Photo of Thai Floods taken by Chris Feser (via Creative Commons).


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