The cringiest travel advert ever

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10th Oct 2014
Written by: Helen Winter

Travel agency’s horrific advert

The new, seemingly home-made advert from Thorne Travel appears to be more awkward than a forced karaoke night.

The video starts with some hip-modern day music, possibly in an attempt to connect with younger clients, whilst the Thorne Travel team complete a Supernanny hands-on-hips walking scene through a town centre. It’s a shame that they couldn’t close off the road as on lookers stare awkwardly at the unfolding scene.

The advert takes a sudden turn, when the unsure bloke in the pink tie hands a Thorne Travel brochure to an elderly couple before being replaced with what appears to be an out-of-work captain. As the walking continues down the Kilwinning high street, a random flash mob of dancing girls occurs, whilst sorcery on a bride-to-be takes place.

Next our heart strings are plucked as what looks like a lost girl hugs her Mickey Mouse toy, but it’s okay! Once she is reunited with her mother she decides that she’s too old for toys, before a Mickey Mouse imposter comes to hug her.

As far as travel adverts go, this one takes the top spot for being so bad-yet-so-good. And hey, it’s definitely getting them noticed!


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