The number of planes in the sky right now will blow your mind

22nd May 2017
Written by: Dave Owen


Can you guess how many planes are in the sky right this moment? We bet it’s more than you think.

Data aviation company FlightAware has the answer; it found that in the past year there were on average 9,728 planes in the air at any moment, carrying 1,270,406 passengers.

That’s roughly the population of Cyprus, in the sky, right now.

Planes sky vapour trails

Air traffic can differ greatly on different days, and at different times of day. The heaviest day of the past year was 5th August 2016, with 12,856 planes occupying the sky simultaneously at peak time, carrying 1,590,929 passengers. New Year’s Day 2017 was the least busy, with 3,354 planes occupying the sky simultaneously.

The figures only include scheduled flights from 1st June 2016 to 31st May 2017.

So next time your flight takes off, take some comfort in the fact that you’re probably sharing the experience with over a million others.


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