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Tokyo is planning a mile-high skyscraper

10th Feb 2016
Written by: Dave Owen

Sky Mile Tower will be twice the height of the current tallest building

Plans have been released that show the Sky Mile Tower – a building that will stand 5,577 feet 1,700 metres) high over Japan’s Tokyo Bay. That’s twice the height of Dubai’s Burj Khalifa, currently the world’s tallest building.
The Mile High Club is about to get a lot less exclusive.
Close up of the Sky Mile Tower
The tower will utilise a hexagonal design – found to be the most wind-resistant – and six ‘building legs’ that will form a slotted structure. This will ensure it can withstand high winds.
Open-air sky decks will feature at every 1,050 feet (320 metres), and the tower will house 55,000 residents, as well as shops, hotels, restaurants, gyms, and other public facilities.
The complicated nature of the structure calls for a clever approach to navigating it. Lifts will run vertically between the top and bottom of each ‘residential zone,’ as well as lifts moving horizontally within each zone.
The Sky Mile Tower will be part of Next Tokyo, a ‘high-density ecodistrict’ designed to ‘adapt to climate change.’ The tower itself will move waste heat from one part of the tower to another to save energy, and water will be collected, treated, and stored within, distributed via gravity rather than being pumped from the ground.
Around the tower will be a collection of islands. These will also be hexagonally shaped, and are designed to protect the city from flooding, rising sea levels, storms, and tsunamis. In all, the Next Tokyo development might house up to half a million people.
Assuming the plans go ahead, the Sky Mile Tower is aiming to become a reality by 2045. It will comfortably surpass Saudi Arabia’s upcoming Jeddah Tower, which will stand at 3,280 feet (1000 metres) when completed in 2020.

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