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Train squeezes through Hanoi


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23rd May 2013
Written by: Will Jones

Train squeezes down street in Hanoi

Video shows a street in the Vietnamese capital which doubles as a railway

A video has emerged which shows a train passing through the streets of Hanoi – literally.
The footage, which was posted on the Telegraph, shows a quiet street in the Vietnamese capital. Were it not for the small detail of a railway curving through the middle of the street, it would seem like any other in urban Vietnam. Mopeds line the edges, laundered clothes are hanging out to dry and a tangle of electricity wires is suspended above.
But suddenly the far end of the street becomes a yellow glow of headlights, followed soon after by a train, which sidles between the houses with mere inches to spare either side. Moments before the train arrives a lady is seen pottering about by her front door, but thankfully seems aware of the unusual service and is safely inside with time to spare.
The train passes through twice a day at 4pm and 7pm, and although it is generally seen by commuters as a bonus to live near public transport, this may be pushing things a little too far.

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