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No travel insurance? These are the world’s most expensive countries to stay in hospital

16th Jul 2018
Written by: Dave Owen

It might be the least exciting part of going abroad, but leaving home without travel insurance could end up costing you significantly more than your whole holiday.
Comparison site Finder has worked out which destinations in the world have the most expensive hospital stays for uninsured travellers – most of which cost more than living it up for a night in a luxury hotel.
Leading the pack is Monaco, where a one-night hospital stay costs on average a whopping £2,583. In contrast, the average travel insurance premium for a week there costs just £19. That means getting insurance is 136 times cheaper than staying in a Monaco hospital for a single night.
The second most expensive hospital stay is in Luxembourg, where a one-night stay costs £1,360 versus £19 to cover insurance for a week.
The top five is rounded out by Norway, Qatar, and Switzerland.
The UK placed 23rd out of 189 countries included in the study, with an average cost of £423 per night for overseas visitors who have to pay.
The cheapest hospital stay can be found in Democratic Republic of Congo at just £1 per night (though the level of care may be somewhat lacking…)
If you’re going travelling soon and haven’t sorted out your insurance, we recommend doing so as soon as possible. We have a dedicated travel insurance service with World Nomads to ensure you get the best coverage for the best price. Get a quote below:

It’s also worth remembering that most travel insurance claims aren’t for injury, but more common problems like cancelled flights and lost luggage. There was an insurance claim every minute in the UK last year, with payouts totalling £385 million. Travel insurance is really important!
Here’s the complete top ten of most expensive countries:

Country Cost of hospital bed per day Cost of week’s travel insurance
1. Monaco £2,583 £19
2. Luxembourg £1,360 £19
3. Norway £1,007 £19
4. Qatar £981 £46
5. Switzerland £662 £19
6. San Marino £634 £19
7. Denmark £606 £19
8. Ireland £603 £19
9. UAE £545 £46
10. Netherlands £533 £19


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