Traveller stores memories before going blind

4th May 2012
Written by: Macca Sherifi

Traveller stores memories before going blind

Woman losing sight plans to see the world's most beautiful destinations

At we're always saying there's a world of opportunity out there and that those who travel are truly experiencing life.

With that in mind, a woman who is facing the prospect of losing her sight has drawn up a plan to visit the world's most beautiful destinations so she can store them in her memory forever.

Most backpackers and travellers have their own bucket lists of things that they want to see and do, but usually they have a lifetime to do it.

Jade Salero, 27, from Hampshire, will soon undergo an operation to remove a cyst from her brain, a procedure that could leave her blind.

Jade has drawn up her own bucket list of things to see and do. Top of the list are sites such as Niagra Falls in Canada and the Grand Canyon in the United States. She also wants to go to the Isle of Wight festival this summer and learn to ski.

Jade told the Daily Mail: "I'm probably going to lose my sight so I'm concentrating on doing all the things I want to do.

"I'm trying not to worry about the things I can't control because there are too many of them, I'm just going to worry about the things I can change.

"It's very difficult and you have to re-evaluate everything but now I'm just motivated to do the things I want to do. I want to concentrate on making myself happy."

Jade's condition is known as craniopharyngioma, and she has lived with the benign tumour and cyst on the brain for 14 years; a subsequent build-up of pressure in the brain leaves her with painful headaches.

With the development of a second cyst, doctors have said they will need to operate.

Jade added: "The surgeons have said to hold on for as long as I can and I'm going to do that because everything will change – the person who I am will change.

"It's very difficult and you have to re-evaluate everything but now I'm just motivated to do the things I want to do."

It just goes to show that you should go out there and experience life while you can.

If you only had a limited amount of time to see the world, what would be the things that you'd most like to see?

If you're planning on going travelling in the next few months then let us help – head to our planning section for advice and ideas. You never know, you might just be inspired to do something different…


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