UK travellers might face higher roaming charges after Brexit

7th Feb 2017
Written by: Dave Owen


It’s still unclear how the UK leaving the European Union will impact on British travellers to the continent, but a leaked document suggests it could mean higher mobile roaming charges.

From June 2017, EU citizens travelling in other EU countries will be able to call, text, and use the internet on their phones without being charged more than they would at home.

But it might not benefit UK travellers for long, as a leaked paper from the European parliament suggests the new deal won’t apply to UK tourists from 2019, unless the UK government is able to strike a deal to the contrary.

Roaming charges in Europe

According to the Guardian, which has seen the leaked paper, it says that “regulation (EU) No 531/2012 on roaming will no longer apply with respect to the UK, impacting business and other travellers to and from the UK”.

The document was drawn up by the European parliament’s committee on industry, research, and energy, and has been endorsed by MEPs.

It doesn’t necessarily mean higher charges come 2019 – mobile operators have the option not to impose roaming charges.

So come June 2017, make the most of roaming in Europe before Brexit comes into effect.  


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