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Why is Venice cracking down on pizza?

10th May 2017
Written by: Dave Owen


Pizza is one of Italy’s most famous exports, but the famous Italian city of Venice has now introduced a new law to limit pizza being sold by the slice.

The move is designed to help preserve Venice’s cultural heritage, and will also include limitations on other kinds of fast food outlets opening, such as kebab shops.

“We want to put the brakes on types of activities which are not compatible with the preservation and development of Venice’s cultural heritage,” Paola Mar, the city’s chief of tourism, told The Guardian.

Venice Canals and Gondola

“The problem is that with a tourist city like ours, there is a risk of it losing its identity,” Mar said. “There are local products that we must try and promote, this would be better for the spirit of the city and, at an environmental level, would be more sustainable.”

While new fast food outlets will be banned from opening, shops selling artisanal ice cream and gelato will be exempt from the measure. Pizza will still be readily available in sit-down restaurants.

So this means that when you visit Venice you’ll have to eat an entire pizza instead of a single slice and finish up with some ice cream. Sometimes travellers just have to suffer for the greater good.

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