Viral video star dances round the world

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14th Oct 2011
Written by: James Roberts

Viral video star dances round the world

Canadian proving a hit on YouTube with his travel dance montage

It's becoming increasingly common for travellers to video blog their gap year, but one backpacker has gone a step further and combined film, music, dance and travel to popular effect. 

Canadian star 'Ki'une' is going viral on video-sharing site YouTube with his dance montage titled 'Dance Like No One Is Watching'. The video, which is soundtracked to the song 'Human' by indie rock band The Killers, shows the enigmatic traveller dancing amongst waterfalls, city skylines, mountains and oceans.

The locations in the film appear to include Hong Kong, Kyoto and Osaka in Japan, Canada, California and the Yellowstone and Redwood National Parks in the United States.

The video opens with the star limbering up and gazing into the distance before breaking into the 'robot' for about 30 seconds. He then sinks to his knees, seemingly danced-out and bereft of ideas, before launching into a sequence of varied and well executed choreography edited together from footage recorded across the world.  

In the majority of the locations Ki'une is dancing in places where literally no one is watching. But they're certainly watching now, with the video having clocked up over 58,000 views and 600 'likes' on YouTube since it was uploaded in June this year.

However, Ki'une has a long way to go before he catches up with his inspiration Matt Harding, who is the pioneer of the dance-round-the-world montage. Harding's video 'Where the Hell is Matt?', uploaded in 2008, has now attracted just under 40 million views and more than 200,000 'likes'.  

Ki'une is arguably the more imaginative and technically able dancer, pulling off highlights such as moonwalking across a Japanese Dojo, line dancing on a mountain range and doing handstands in urban basements. 

However, the motivations behind the videos appear to be dissimilar. Harding's video seems intended as comedy, with the 'dancer' essentially re-using one simple move across the world with groups of locals, whereas Ki'une appears genuinely intent on showcasing his moves and inspiring people to express themselves. 

Ki'une's website provides a combination of motivational, inspirational and self-help content, and he has even formed his name from a mix of Ki, the Japanse for 'energy', and une, the Spanish for 'one'.

Which video is better, gappers? We have included both below to help you decide.

Which video did you prefer? Did either inspire you to travel? Did you do a video blog of your gap year? Let us know by leaving some comments below.

For more on Ki'une, follow him on Twitter and Facebook


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