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Want to live in a remote Australian lighthouse for 6 months?

18th Jan 2017
Written by: Dave Owen


If living in a lighthouse on an island in the middle of nowhere sounds like your dream job, this is an opportunity you don’t want to miss – but there is a catch: you have to do it as a couple.

The Tasmania Parks and Wildlife Service is looking for a couple with an ‘established relationship’ to take the role of caretaker of Maatsuyker Island, just off the coast of Tasmania, Australia.

It’s the ultimate test of a relationship: the successful applicants will be cut off from civilisation from September to March, with no internet or TV, and will have to contend with strong winds, constant cold, and a lot of rain.

Maatsuyker Island

The couple will have to provide their own supplies – food, clothing, bedding etc. – for the stay, which will see them performing duties including basic land management and maintenance, as well as providing meteorological reports. If something goes wrong, the only way off the island is a helicopter evacuation.

If the couple ends up getting sick of each other they can seek other company in the resident penguins, seals, and silver gulls. Maatsuyker is a designated ‘important bird area’ and part of the Southwest National Park.

The parks service says individuals applying together will be considered, alongside those in relationships.

“It is important that the people who are on Maatsuyker at the same time are able to work well together,” says the job listing.

Applications close on January 30.

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