Want work? Head Down Under

23rd Feb 2012
Written by: Mary Short

Want work? Head Down Under

Working abroad is becoming more and more popular on a gap year, whether that's teaching English as a foreign language or working for a ski season.

Australia has always been one of the more popular destinations for working abroad due to the ease of obtaining a Working Holiday Visa and the good pay.

Fruit picking is one job lots of backpackers and travellers working in Australia have a go at. No skills are needed, it gets you outdoors and you're often working with a bunch of like-minded people.

But now there's a growing demand for more skilled jobs. Driven by the mining boom in Western Australia, there's a growing shortage of skilled information and communication technology (ICT) workers.

Jim Ellis, vice president of the Australian Computer Society, said the ICT shortage was forcing employers to bring in skilled ICT staff on a Working Holiday Visa to bridge the gaps.

"Previously, the mining oil and gas industries didn't invest much in ICT," said Ellis. "Now the ICT infrastructure in mining, oil and gas companies is absolutely critical to the way they operate. They simply cannot operate without it.
"It's a situation where there are more vacancies for ICT staff in the resources sector than there are for engineers."

For UK graduates with ICT skills struggling to find work in their home country, Australia now offers the chance to earn cash, get experience and go travelling.

If you're looking to work abroad then go to our jobs section for more advice and information. Also, read our extensive guide to getting a job after travelling. You never know, it might just help…


Volunteer Teaching English in Vietnam

from £200

7 - 168 days


Volunteer with Teaching English volunteer project in Vietnam. Located in Ho Chi Minh.

New Zealand’s Ultimate Road Trip

from £760

31 - 360 days

New Zealand

Discover the real New Zealand from the far North to the very far South. Experience all the hotspots as well...

Costa Rica Journalism Internship

from £1719

60 days

Costa Rica

Live in the a research camp based deep in the rainforest and gain valuable professional travel journalism experience and references.

Environmental Internship in Dinokeng Game Reserve

from £670

14 - 84 days

South Africa

If you're passionate about ecology, conservation, animal behaviour and solutions to address the conflict between wildlife and humans, this internship...

Sri Lanka – Medical Internships

from £1440

14 - 56 days

Sri Lanka

Join one of our medical internships set up to provide an ‘observational’ work experience in general medicine, obstetrics, maternity, ENT,...

Tenerife Whale & Dolphin Project

from £350

7 - 140 days


Explore the beautiful island of Tenerife and gain valuable experience in conservation whilst working to protect these majestic species in...

Combined TEFL Course Barcelona

from £1232

10 days


Join our 10-day combined TEFL course in Barcelona and become a TEFL/TESOL certified teacher of English as a foreign language.

Summer Blast – South Island

from £1687

16 - 19 days

New Zealand

Experience the best of the South Island on this all points covered tour with stunning accommodation, amazing hikes, awesome bike...

Volunteer Expeditions in Nepal

from £2350

35 days


Nepal is famed for its stunning landscapes and vast mountains, including some of the tallest in the world! But it’s...

Fiji Teaching & Community Projects

from £1195

28 - 180 days


Earn your TEFL certificate while teaching or coaching sports at a school, gain valuable experience working on a government healthcare...


Troop to the Gorillas

from £655

What could be better than observing gorillas kicking back in their natural habitat? Nothing, that’s what. According to research, gorillas...

Vic Falls to Kruger

from £664

This short but exciting trip combines three of southern Africa's most phenomenal sites: Hwange and Kruger national parks and the...

Best of Thailand – East Coast Islands

from £1215

This 20-day whirlwind experience of Thailand brings together all the cultural beauty of the North with the stunning nature of...

Patagonia Expedition – Andean Crossing

from £1660

Join Intrepid on a new off-the-beaten-track expedition the through the great landscapes of Patagonia. This challenging but rewarding journey explores...

South Africa & Swazi Quest

from £1461

The unvarnished grandeur of South Africa is on display in this comprehensive exploration of one of the continent’s most diverse...

Iran Express

from £1895

Embark on an express journey through the mysterious world of Iran. Not only is this fascinating country a world apart...

Sri Lanka: Hike, Bike & Kayak

from £1117

Ride through tea plantations, canoe down rivers, and hike to ancient fortresses on this fitness focused adventure from Negombo to...

East Africa Expedition – The Last Northern White Rhinos

from £4055

Embark on an immersive wildlife safari in East Africa, visiting the world’s last remaining northern white rhinos in Kenya and...

Discover Antarctica

from £3624

The Antarctic Peninsula is a legendary region in the world of polar travel, and this ten-day adventure showcases its very...

Adriatic Express

from £1538

Explore the stunningly beautiful Adriatic region and the rest of Eastern Europe on this fantastic camping adventure. Visit vibrant, yet...

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