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Where is Mount Everest?

14th Mar 2012
Written by: Macca Sherifi

Where is Mount Everest?

It’s a simple question for most gap year backpackers and travellers: where in the world is Mount Everest? But more than 50% of Britons surveyed believe Mount Everest is actually in the UK, not in the Himalayas.
The results come from a survey conducted by OnePoll for tour operator Journeys of Distinction. 2,000 people from the UK were interviewed and the results show some shocking answers.
One in five surveyed didn’t know what countries made up the United Kingdom while a quarter said that Ayers Rock, one of Australia’s most famous landmarks, is in the UK.
Karen Gee, managing director of Journeys of Distinction, told The Daily Mail: “We were astounded that while Britons clearly have an enviable and broad general knowledge of famous cities abroad – New York, Paris, Rome and many others – they seem to display a lack of geographical awareness when it comes to their own nation.
“It’s such a shame, because the UK has so many national treasures for people to experience, right here on their doorstep.”
Some other clangers included over a third of respondents (34%) saying that the Home Counties circled Manchester, Birmingham or Glasgow (they circle London) and over half (53%) had no clue as to the whereabouts of Balmoral Castle (it’s in Scotland).
We thought we’d get in on the act, so here are some of our gap year travel questions – What is the capital of Wales? Where’s Lands’ End? And what is the population of the UK (no looking up now)?

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