Who suffers the worst post-holiday blues?

26th Sep 2011
Written by: Mary Short

Which country suffers the worst post-holiday blues?

When you come back from your gap year, even if you’ve only been travelling for a short while, one of the hardest things to do is to adjust to life back in the UK.

Everyone always talks about post-holiday depression but now its official – Britons suffer the worst post-holiday depression in Europe, according to a recent survey.

The survey, conducted by TripAdvisor, showed that 78% of British travellers suffer from post-holiday blues and back-to-work stress. This compares with 69% of European travellers, so if you want to milk it, you can.

The nation that are least likely to suffer from post-holiday blues and back-to-work stress? The Spanish. However, the number was still pretty hight with 61% feeling fed up after a break.

The poll of 4,097 travellers, including 1,304 Britons, showed 75% of Britons said stress returned to pre-holiday levels within a month of getting back from their travels. The overall European figure was only 57%.

As many as 7% of Britons have phoned in sick after a holiday, although the least-depressed Spanish are the worst offenders, with 11% resorting to the tactic.

The poll also found that 74% of Britons plan their next trip as soon as they return, while 34% reminisce by looking at pictures of their holiday, 23% try to cook meals they enjoyed while away and 19% take weekend breaks to bridge the gap until their next getaway.

So if you’ve just returned back from a gap year or holiday, and you’re moping around the house or down the pub, then be comforted that most other Brits are like you, and they’re moping too.

How do you beat the post-holiday blues? Is it different coming back from backpacking as opposed to a holiday? Any cheeky hints and tips to help others feel better about being back in the UK? Post your comments below.


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