Win a Gap Year

15th Aug 2012
Written by: Jayne Gorman

Win a Gap Year

Enter our competition to win a Gap Year Experience

We spend all of our working days (and most of our nights too) living and breathing gap years. We’ve doled out gap year advice, shared your gap year stories, we’ve even set you up with gap year buddies. But for the very first time (drum roll please) we’re giving away a complete Gap Year Experience.

Your gap year is yours to do whatever you want with it. You may be taking a whole year out and your budget (or lack thereof) may dictate the need to get a job. Or you may already be on the rungs of an illustrious career ladder and are looking to cram a year’s worth of life changing experiences into one month. That’s why we are letting you choose which Gap Year Experience you take if you win our competition.

The lucky winner can choose between 2 options. You may want to take a 12 month working holiday in Australia which includes flights, transfers, 12 months employment assistance, a Sydney beach tour and much more – a total prize value of £1,099. Whether you’re looking to work in a big city or prefer a job working on a farm, the Working Holiday Club can assist you every step of the way. Alternatively you could spend 12 months on Bondi Beach – like we said, it’s your gap year so what you do with it is up to you!

For those with a little less time we have the option of a 28 day adventure package in Thailand. The winner can perfect their Pad Thai and party under full moons with the flights, transfers, accommodation, breakfast and 28 days of touring all on us. This package is the ultimate ‘Short Gap’ option and is worth £1,539.

If you’re interested in a career in journalism or social media then this is also an excellent opportunity to flex your writing and blogging skills as the winner will be reporting for us live on the road. You’ll have our full permission and support to brag to your friends, family and audience about what an A-MAZE-ING time you’re having! And trust us, it’s going to be totes amazeballs!

How to win

We thought about making you jump through hoops of fire while eating live insects somewhere in the desert, but in the end we settled for a simple Facebook ‘like’. Simply hop on over to our Facebook page, hit like and enter your name and email in this form. That’s all. The contest closes on the 7th September so do it now! Oh, and make sure you share it with your friends and family for more chances to win!


Central America Adventure Trail

from £1899

28 - 70 days

Costa Rica, Guatemala, Honduras, Mexico, Nicaragua

An unforgettable adventure through Mexico, Honduras, Guatemala, Nicaragua and Costa Rica, amongst Mayan ruins and the azure waters off the...

Journalism internship in Melbourne

from £3600

42 - 180 days


Get ahead in the competitive world of journalism and media by pursuing an internship in the world’s most liveable city,...

Gap Year in India

from £820

28 - 112 days


A rare opportunity to live and work in an ancient Indian culture.

NZ Ski Instructor Paid Internships

from £5900

77 - 91 days

New Zealand

11 Week Level 1 & 2 Ski Instructor Internship - Train Level 1, Work, Train, Level 2 + Ski Work...

International Internship In Thailand

from £685

60 days


Thailand has quickly become one of the top entrepreneurial hubs of Asia with ambitious international students looking to launch their...

Carnivore Conservation in Namibia

from £1075

16 days


Assist the team with data collection to help with research on cheetah and leopard releases in the stunning Namib Desert.

In-Class TEFL Course in Cusco

from £1230

20 days


Join our 4-week TEFL in-class course in Cusco and become a TEFL/TESOL certified teacher of English as a foreign language.

Exotic Morocco

from £351

10 days


Begin your Exotic Tour in the amazing city of Marrakesh. Enjoy a remarkable day in the Desert including an entire...

In-Class TEFL Course in Zhuhai

from £1145

20 days


Join our 4-week TEFL in-class course in Zhuhai and become a TEFL/TESOL certified teacher of English as a foreign language.

Conservation Volunteering in Thailand

from £1125

14 days


Join a marine conservation project on a remote Thai island. Far from the crowds of backpackers and tourists, experience real...


Egypt Family Adventure

History class is way more interesting once you’ve stood where it all happened. Treat your kids to an unforgettable journey...

Komodo & Flores

from £1440

The many islands of Indonesia are scattered like gems across the Indian Ocean, hidden oases of tropical rainforests, wildlife and...

Kimberley Trail Broome to Darwin (Basix)

from £2295

Experience the beautiful rugged Kimberley on this true Australian adventure from Broome to Darwin. Uncover some of the country’s most...

Spires in the Snow

from £529

Check out Hungary, Poland and Czech Republic at their snowy best on this week-long trip through the best of Eastern...

Budapest to Istanbul

from £1399

From pastoral countryside to forbidding forests and fairytale villages, this tour from Budapest to Istanbul is definitely the road less...

Vienna to Dubrovnik

from £2970

Travel from Vienna to Dubrovnik on a tour through Austria, the Czech Republic, Poland, Slovakia, Hungary, Serbia, Bosnia-Herzegovina, Montenegro and...

Vic Falls to Kruger

from £664

This short but exciting trip combines three of southern Africa's most phenomenal sites: Hwange and Kruger national parks and the...

Classic Spain

from £1929

In Spain, a country that’s filled with flavour, artistry, and passion, there’s no such thing as going halfway. Start in...

Wonders of Borneo

Bored of simply watching wildlife on your TV? Why not take a trip to Borneo to get up close and...

Mediterranean Paradiso

from £1049

Get ready for an amazing Euro summer fellow Topdeckers. With a hit of Spanish culture and an exclusive stay in...

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