WingBoarding: the next big extreme sport?

18th Jan 2016
Written by: Dave Owen

WingBoarding promises to take extreme sports to new heights

Thrill seekers are always… well, seeking the next big thrill! ‘WingBoarding’ could be it, a new extreme sport that’s basically wakeboarding in the sky from the back of a plane.

We hope you’re not afraid of heights.

Wingboarding scale model

The new adventure sport is being developed by Wyp Aviation, and aims to translate the sensation of snowboarding and wakeboarding into three dimensions. “The WingBoard is like a wakeboard, but instead of slicing through waves behind a boat, you’re being towed by a plane, carving through the clouds,” said lead engineer Aaron Wypyszynski.

At present the WingBoard exists only as a scale model. It relies on a system of cables which allows it to be towed behind a plane while remaining stable enough to support the person on top. Parachutes will be required to bring the whole thing safely back to Earth.

Wypyszynski’s next step is to raise $275,000 to build the first prototype. So it might be a while before WingBoarding is part of your gap year itinerary.


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