The World’s Tallest Artificial Waterfall Is on the Side of a Chinese Skyscraper

30th Jul 2018
Written by: Dave Owen

China is quickly gaining a monopoly on architectural extravagance, and its latest structural feat – a waterfall flowing down the side of a skyscraper – might be the most spectacular yet.

The urban waterfall tumbles 354 feet (108 metres) down the side of the Liebian International Plaza in the city of Guiyang to the south of China. It’s believed this makes it the highest artificial waterfall in the world.

“Our building has a four-storey underground water storage and drainage system, from which the water is pumped and recycled,” said Mr Cheng, a spokesperson for Guizhou Ludiya Property Management. The main sources for the waterfall are rain water and recycled tap water.

Shortly after the waterfall was switched on numerous videos began to circulate around social media, with some locals apparently believing it was the result of burst pipes.

The pumps that take the water to the top of the installation cost around 800 yuan (£89) per hour to run. Mr Cheng claims the waterfall will only be turned on for special occasions in order to save electricity.

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