Would you take a flight in a pilotless plane?

9th Aug 2017

Fully automated flights – meaning planes without a pilot – are creeping closer to reality, but it might take longer for passengers to accept them for everyday use.

A new survey has shown that 54% of passengers would refuse to board a remote-controlled plane.

The survey, conducted by UBS, showed that pilotless planes could save airlines some $35 billion per year, cutting fares by at least 10%. Regardless, more than half of the 8,000 air passengers surveyed refused to accept the idea.


Still, the survey also notes that this attitude may change by the middle of the century, which is good news for airlines – use of autonomous technology could see profits double.

Modern commercial aircraft already have autonomous systems onboard, namely when it comes to landing. Major plane manufacturers are already testing fully automated jetliners. So it could be just a matter of time before there’s nobody sitting in the cockpit for your long haul flight.


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