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Young people who study abroad could earn £75,000 more

13th Sep 2018
Written by: Dave Owen

People who study abroad may end up earning 5% more when they begin their careers than people who stay at home.
On average, that could net you an extra £75,000 over the course of your career.
woman suitcase singapore
These are the findings of a new study conducted by Storage World into the advantages of studying abroad. As well as earning you more cash, it found that studying abroad also makes you 24% more likely to be employed after graduation, as it gives you the key career skills and experience employers find desirable.
So, you’ll get a job faster, and earn more money doing it. Winner.

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The study also revealed the best destinations in the world to study abroad depending on your field of interest:
Medical student – South Africa
Business & Finance – China
Conservation – Madagascar
Art & Design – Italy
Humanities – USA
Education – Australia

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