Zombies descend on Mexico City

28th Nov 2011
Written by: Macca Sherifi

Zombies descend on Mexico City

Backpackers often find themselves in unfamiliar situations on their gap year, but its unlikely many will have encountered a scene like the one in Mexico City yesterday where onlookers came face-to-face with a procession of the undead.

Thousands of zombies descended on Mexico City to break the world record for largest ever zombie walk.

Nearly 10,000 people took part as they staggered and shuffled through the heart of the capital. Groans could be heard far and wide and there was more fake blood being thrown about than on the set of True Blood.

A number of cities around the world have hosted zombie walks in the past couple of years. The current Guinness World Record for largest ever zombie walk is Asbury Park, New Jersey, with 4,093 taking part on October 30, 2010. However, a group in Brisbane, Australia, claim they set a new world record last month with 8,000 zombies fans turning up.

Organizer Pablo Guisa says the fifth annual Mexico City event is meant to celebrate diversity and human rights. The participants also collected donations for a local food bank.

Zombie walks have been highlighted as being used as a social commentary on economics and consumerism, showing the discontent among the masses, though most claim to participate because it’s fun.

The event showcased what a zombie apocalypse could really be like, and with the film World War Z coming out in 2012 and TV shows such as The Walking Dead, it shows how popular zombies (along with other creatures of the undead) are these days.

Have you ever been on a zombie walk or are you planning on going on a zombie walk on your gap year? What’s the strangest street procession you’ve ever seen on your gap year? How about a zombie’s round the world trip as an alternative gap year?

Mexico is also famous for its Day of the Dead, an annual event which is held for two days in November celebrating the life of those who have passed on. It’s an alternative event to Halloween and a great time to travel the country.

For more information on Mexico then read Alexandra Quinton’s Guide to Mexico.

Here's a quick video of what the zombie walk was like:

Photo of the zombie taken by Heather Buckley (via Creative Commons)


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